Euro-Tek systems  

Industrial repairs and maintenance. 
The ultimate protection against corrosion and chemical attack.  
®Eurosol systems

Industrial floors and renovations,
solving flooring problems with science.
For over 20 years ®Euro-Tek systems is a service to industry.


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Technap : a company profile. For more than 2 decades ®Euro-Tek advanced coating and repair systems have proven to be the solution in the never ending battle against corrosion and erosion. Knowledge and experience sets us apart, together with an exiting technology and innovating products to repair  and reclamation of machinery and equipment. The long term answer to the problems of damaged machinery by saving repairs that help you to reduce or eliminate downtime and protect, beating erosion-corrosion.
Along with ®Euro-Tek systems’ overhaul service, and ®Eurosol line up  we offer you :
A full range of products for rebuilding and repairing all types of worn or damaged metals.
Tightly control of the quality of the manufactured products,  to provide consistently high-quality products. Research and development of future generations  of molecular products. Continuously developping existing products to ensure our technological  lead over all maintenance products and methods. Using the molecular technology to solve the problems of maintaining man-made hours. Health and safety information and labeling in accordance with local and state requirements. 
All technical data on
®Euro-Tek products and applications for inclusion in product guides and “how-to-use” instructions.


Why ®Euro-Tek systems
  • Extend equipment life
  • Improve efficiency
  • Cost effective in-situ repairs
  • Reduce downtime
  • Simplify maintenance procedures
  • Solvent free products